Every story has a beginning…

Welcome to my blog. The blog I never wanted. So, why have one?

It’s a simple answer – I had to. Despite an aversion to social media and the never-ending tsunami of ‘me’ culture, I was told to write a blog. Who told me that? A blogger. So, it appears, just like young Skywalker, I have come full circle. Once I was the cynic, now, I am the blogger.

But why do I need this platform? Well, truth to be told, I need to find a following of like-minds, folks who find comfort and humour in what I ‘blog’ about. I’m a writer, you see, not a bad one but not yet a published one. Wait, you ask, this is a writer’s blog? No. It’s not. That’s another peculiarity. This blog has to fill a gap to make it work, and God knows there are too many writers out there telling the same old stories in a different guise. So this is not about books, and it’s not about my work.

So, what’s this all about? Some would say I’m a cynic. That’s not true. I am THE cynic. And I intend to point my death ray of disbelief at modern culture, including, but not limited to: fitness, fantasy, and films. I have an eclectic set of skills but my career speciality is health and fitness. Apart from overseeing the operations of a gym and studio, I’ve got a University education in Sports Science, I’m a qualified Personal-Trainer, and I’ve got the certifications to work with medically referred clients (specifically, I’m a qualified Postural Stability Instructor – so I can make your granny do squats). In other words, I know my doggy-doos, and I’ve been wading through the stuff for 25 years. But this isn’t a fitness blog, not at least, in the conventional sense.

The blog posts you’ll read are my critique of modern culture. I’ll take a surgical scalpel to the fatty tissue of Hollywood and lay bare the bones of manufactured nonsense. I’ll pull the lycra away from the polished veneer of exercise mythology and give the low-down on the pulldown. Anything is game. Anything that treats you like a moron deserves to be torn to shreds, and I’ll gladly write a witty take-down of the offending cultural trash. Nothing is sacred if it takes your money and runs. I’ll not touch politics because that’s like putting your hand in a blender. Besides, one day the Men in Black might come for me.

From formulaic mind-numbing plot devices, to debunking the latest plastic fads in fitness, I’m here to make you feel better about being a cynic. Want a six-pack, fake tan, and tips on how to look like an Instagram doll? As Obi Wan Kenobi once said, ‘These are not the droids blog posts you’re looking for.’ But, if you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but my subjective opinions, welcome to my blog. I guarantee you’ll leave feeling better about yourself. Pay it a visit here.

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